One GOAL, to bring our blend of design, style and especially workmanship to all customers in a timely manner.

John & Josh Barnes, brothers and owner's of BTP Total Performance, are second generation hot rodders who took after their father, John. Josh & John grew up in the automotive repair business always being involved with high performance and trying to bring that into the driveline repair business. They grew up using the tools of the trade and now they apply that knowledge and energy to turn you vision into reality.

It takes knowledge and an up-to-date facility to build the best, John & Josh have them both. All metal and mechanical work is done at BTP's 8,600 sq ft shop located in the beautiful Midwestern city of Bismarck, ND. All phases of each and every project are closely supervised by Josh & John. Knowledge and top shelf craftsmen.....the reason to choose BTP Total Performance for your project!